Highlight Weaving Combs - Set Of Four


ProCombs' Hair Highlight Weaving Combs are professional colouring tools designed for the perfect separation of the hair so you can achieve consistent results in a fraction of the usual time. 

Use these combs individually or combine two or more to obtain the most creative, artistic  and professional results. This set includes:

  • Sun kissed (Black) - our original comb for fine natural-looking highlights 
  • Classic (Blue) - for slightly thicker, medium-sized highlights
  • Wild Wild West (Green) - to create broad, bold streaks of color
  • Multi Weaver (Red) - for irregular but well-defined highlights

The combs' teeth come in two evenly spaced widths; ensuring that each strand of hair weaved is the same thickness.

Made out premium nylon reinforced with glass fiber, an expensive and high-quality material that will stay whole through years of heat, wear, and salon chemicals.

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